And latest

ASKA by MIČ STYLING - a very talented hair stylists personal portfolio site, also promoting Mič styling, a high-end hair salon. The website is currently in production but will be up and running soon.

BRIAN TEMBA - the musicians website / The website was not published, but I think is a beautiful example of my aesthetics, therefore I still like to show it off. It ís a scroll down single page website designed to introduce the musician, his newest CD and connect his fans with him trough social media.

CROCUS tea / a website promoting the brand and giving information on where to find the products in Slovenia. The website is currently in production but will be up and running soon.

RUTE 2012 / A project that was started in September 2012, collecting scarfs all over the world and Slovenia to then make a street exhibition and raise money for charity. They were in need of a website to describe and promote the cause; I made the logo as well as the website design. / www.gess.si/rute

JSKD Ivančna Gorica / A website redesign for The Public Cultural Activities Fund Ivančna Gorica. They were looking for something a little bit different while staying true to JSKD stationery and keeping in mind that this had to be an average user friendly site. / www.kultura-ustvarjanje.si

Illustration made for a politics&government related event taking place in Slovenia in November 2012. And it still goes on...

SEAT SLOVENIA avto-degustacija website redesign and new newsletter design. / The goal was to make as much difference as possible without changing the layout drastically and being very aware of the new SEAT brand identity rules and design proposals for both website and the newsletter.